Be a Change Agent: It's Time to Re-think Your Field Service Process

Posted by Adi Hod

Tue, Jun 05, 2012

field service mobilityAs soon as you hear the words “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is a signal to re-evaluate your processes. Many businesses fall into a vicious routine of the same procedures year after year without really examining if those procedures are the most efficient steps for the business.

Times do change and technologies evolve – sometimes a process that seems to be tried and true for your business may have become obsolete without you knowing about it.

For example, if all field service personnel must check in at the main office each day and then wait for an assignment from dispatch, how much time is wasted that could be much more productive?

Or do the field personnel rely on a phone call to check parts inventory status? That will take two people – the field resource and the office resource – to check this. Each time a phone is used your business is taking a minimum of two people to perform a task. Anytime that you can reduce that to one person (or automate it to no people) you are reducing your expenses by at least 50%.

Like people, many businesses are reluctant to change – even when the payoff is so obvious. For those who can see the benefits of migrating to more efficient technologies and processes, it is time to step up and become a change agent for your company.

Here are some ideas on how to become a change agent:

  • Realize there is a better way – carefully look at a process that may have existed for many years. Why do we perform this task? What benefit does it have? Are there steps that might be antiquated or manual today? If you completely stopped that process step, what would happen?

  • Evaluate the competition – what are competitors doing? Are they more efficient in some areas?

  • Quantify – put dollars and resources to the tasks. How much money does it currently cost? How much time or resources could improvement save?

  • Customers – is there room to improve your customer service levels? What areas of customer service need attention to increase satisfaction?

For field service companies, any savings can greatly benefit the business. The Euclides Technologies team understands how important saving time and resources are to field service companies. They also understand how to properly apply technology in order to help field service operations to improve their processes.

For the company change agent, it is important to have a real partner that can help to properly evaluate your current processes and find ways to save money and increase efficiencies. Contact Euclides Technologies for more information on invoking change for your business.

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