Cellular Networks Enable Field Service Mobility Worldwide

Posted by Carla Hunt

Mon, Jun 04, 2012

Cellular Networks Enable Field Service Mobility WorldwideOne of the biggest challenges in the past was for field service personnel to communicate properly with the dispatchers. Any field service operation needs the ability to:

  • Route field resources to the correct locations

  • Notify field resources about the work order and what needs to be accomplished

  • Allow field resources to contact dispatchers for confirmations, questions, or other issues

  • Send job complete information back to the dispatcher and have the field resource move on to the next work site

At first, the field service personnel would have to use the customer’s phone to call in and check with the dispatcher or main office. This was a bit invasive for customers, but at the time it was the only means of communication that was available.

Then there was pager technology, which was a one-way method for dispatchers to page a field resource. The field service representative would then contact the dispatcher via phone as soon as time permitted.

As cellular technology evolved, it soon became apparent that this would be an ideal solution for field service companies in order to properly conduct business. As cellular networks grew and as cell communications became more reliable, field resources were able to phone into dispatchers on a regular basis. This improved productivity, communications, and customer service levels.

Today the capabilities of mobile applications take field service operations to new levels. The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application combines the power of cellular communications with sophisticated mobile computing to achieve new levels of productivity and performance.

Cellular network coverage has expanded to virtually every corner of the United States. Even some of the most remote areas can now connect to a mobile network and communicate. For field service personnel, mobile communications allows even easier and faster task completions and updates:

  • Field service personnel are automatically assigned to jobs based on their location and travel time

  • Details of the work orders can be sent easily to the mobile device including smart phones or tablet computers

  • Updates, inventory checks, and other statuses can be utilized on site regardless of the remote location

  • Job completions are immediately recorded and bills processed through easy and fast mobile communications

  • Field service personnel are immediately routed to the next job without having to stop and check with the dispatcher

The expansion of cellular networks has greatly contributed to improved productivity and better customer service for field service organizations. For more information on mobile applications for field service companies contact Euclides Technologies to find out how your entire team can stay connected from virtually anywhere.

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