The Power of Dispatch Software

Posted by David Alazraki

Fri, Jun 01, 2012

The Power of Dispatch SoftwareWithout rules, businesses cannot function. Every organization has a series of rules that are followed consistently in order to conduct business and to differentiate from the competitors. Rules can include hours of operation, documentation, how to process a transaction, and the responsibilities of various employees and their skills.

Some examples of business rules are:

“On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”

“We only hire certified technicians”

“Every sale transaction must be accompanied by a receipt”

With new technologies available, making sure your specific business rules are followed is easier than ever with the power of dispatch software. The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application puts the power of your business into leading technology dispatch solution. When combined, your business becomes a formidable force with superior customer satisfaction and better customer service.

The power of dispatch software not only will improve your customer’s experience, it will also improve your business productivity while lowering expenses. Euclides Technologies provides a superior Field Service Mobile Application that is designed specifically for field service companies that seek improvements in their operations.

Some of the dispatch features of the Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application include:

  • Sophisticated scheduling tools that allow automatic assignment of resources based on work order priority, resource availability, skill level, and travel time. Through automated scheduling your dispatchers only need to address exception situations instead of handling routine tasks.

  • Easy interface to customer service and work order entry systems, or a built-in work order module is available for use as well.

  • Quick and timely information is displayed for dispatchers to know where field resources are located, what jobs are assigned, and what work orders are coming up. Dispatchers can easily override and re-prioritize or reassign whenever necessary.

  • Comprehensive reporting features are available to allow dispatchers and managers review activity, know what jobs are completed, and evaluate productivity.

  • Informative analysis and metrics are available that assign work to resources based around the least costly approach along with your customized business rules.

  • Messaging and communications are incorporated to allow dispatchers and field resources to notify of any changes or provide updates.

Within the Euclides Tech solution is a highly configurable set of business rules that can be adjusted to conform to the way you prefer to operate. From business hours to territory assignments to work orders and more, your company can realize the real power of dispatch software with a solution that is built around customer service as well as optimizing productivity and reducing expenses.

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