Field Service Scheduling Made Easy

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Tue, May 29, 2012

field service optimizationAs a typical workday begins, the last thing any business owner wants to hear is “where is everybody?”

This can sound extreme, but for field service businesses, this question could happen far too often. Technicians and other field personnel may start their day in different locations scattered across an area. While some may report to the main office to await their assignments, others might be caught in traffic or en route to a work site. How can a business manager or dispatcher know where their field resources are in order to make the right business decisions and schedule the day?

The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application solution is built to address these types of scheduling issues. By leveraging the latest technologies combined with a very easy user interface, finding and scheduling field service work becomes much easier and more cost effective.

Some of the features of the Euclides Tech solution include:

  • Field resources are able to sign in through their smart phone or other mobile device, so it is not necessary to travel to the office before receiving an assignment.

  • Dispatchers automatically know what field resources are signed in and available for work assignments. The dispatcher also knows exactly where the resource is located thanks to built-in GPS tracking information.

  • Through a combination of available field resources, location information, and pending work assignments the Euclides Tech system can automatically assign work to the field resource that has the appropriate skills for the job.

  • Scheduling is a snap with automatic assignments that consider the priority as well as the location of the field resource. For example, a water pipe break would have a higher priority than a routine maintenance job, and would be assigned accordingly.

  • Routine maintenance scheduling can be planned far in advance, and then automatically rearranged based on other more urgent tasks.

  • Dispatchers can have the ability to override automatic assignments and shuffle schedules when needed.

  • Strong analysis algorithms intelligently analyze the next day’s work load and put together schedules based on planned availability and assignments. Also dispatchers and managers can know in advance when they may need to bring in contract resources to supplement the workload, and incorporate the contractors into the scheduling software for easy management.

With the flexibility and automation available in the Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application, scheduling and location of field resources becomes a much easier task that saves time, reduces travel costs and productivity expenses, and makes the business owner’s day much easier to handle.

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