Dispatch Mobility: The Future of Field Service Management

Posted by Carla Hunt

Fri, May 25, 2012

dispatch softwareThe traditional role of the dispatcher can be imagined as a frantic person, answering calls and then attempting to contact resources to determine where they are and if they can get to an emergency on time. With the right technology, the days of the frantic dispatcher are long gone.

The future role of the dispatcher is enhanced by applying intelligent mobile technologies that make the decision process more efficient and exception handling more productive.

To compare and contrast the past versus the future dispatcher roles, imagine a typical day with a field service management company…

The Day Begins

  • Past – field resources must call in or be present at the office to let the dispatcher know that they are available.

  • Future – resources sign in via their mobile device, which can be a smart phone, a laptop, or a tablet computer. The dispatcher is automatically notified of their availability and starting location for the day.

  • Past – the dispatcher must review all pending assignments, organize them, determine priority, and then notify the resources of their first task of the day.

  • Future – the dispatcher has visibility to a Gantt chart that shows all of the assignments for the day and the resource that was dynamically utilized based on skill, availability, and location. The dispatchers can then make overrides if necessary, or allow the dynamic scheduling to remain. Resources have already been notified via their mobile devices, they know their entire day schedule, and are already en route to their first location.

New Requests

  • Past – the dispatcher would receive the request from the customer service representative (CSR) through a call, email, or paper work order. The dispatcher takes valuable time to determine how the request should fit into the day’s schedule and what field resources should be used.

  • Future – After the CSR enters the request into their existing work order management system, the field service management system automatically determines the recommended scheduling and resources for the job. The dispatcher can override if necessary.

End of Day

  • Past – the dispatcher must determine what jobs are left undone, record completed jobs to route to the billing department, and begin planning for the next day.

  • Future – completed jobs are automatically routed to billing, remaining tasks are automatically assigned based on business rules and the dispatchers and managers receive a complete report showing productivity for the day.

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