Don’t Just Save Time and Money... Manage it!

Posted by Adi Hod

Wed, May 23, 2012

Don’t just save time and money..Manage itField service companies have a particularly strong interest in saving both time and money. The task of running a business that has numerous personnel deployed to remote locations throughout a region can make it very difficult to keep a close eye on time wasted and unnecessary expenses.

Time can be lost and costs can increase in many field service operation tasks:

  • Travel time is not optimized and field service personnel spend more time traveling than on the task at hand

  • Fuel costs take their toll on travel that has not been optimized

  • The right technician with the right skills was not deployed to the work site, and time must be spent reallocating the right technician for the job

  • Last minute emergencies cause dispatchers to spend extra time finding resources to handle the tasks

  • Contractors may not be fully utilized, causing extra expense without the needed return on investment

  • Routine administrative tasks such as manually entering field completion details into your source system, manual routing processes to calculate the best for the technicians

  • Errors from manual work causes billing delays as well as unnecessary time spent to correct the errors

With the Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application solutions, your company can take charge of its time and money through a series of automated tasks that are configured based around your specific and unique business rules.

Your business rules are set up within the Euclides Tech system and utilized to make intelligent and dynamic decisions with the primary goal of optimizing costs and saving time.

  • The Euclides Tech system will automatically assign work orders that have been entered to the appropriate resources based on skill, availability, and travel time.

  • Dispatchers can at any time override and make exceptions when necessary or if emergencies arise. The Euclides Tech system actually works with your dispatcher by recommending resources that could help in the emergency, and will re-prioritize tasks based around cost efficiency and urgency.

  • Field resources are automatically assigned work based upon their availability, skills, and travel time. All of this is based around a sophisticated cost optimization algorithm within the Euclides Tech system to insure no time is wasted to complete the work.

  • Managers will be able to review all activity on a daily basis to determine what work has been done and the costs associated with the jobs.

Managing both time and expenses in your field service operations is a critical part of your daily routine. With the Euclides Technologies Mobile Field Applications solutions the work involved to save money and time become much simpler. Are you ready to take charge?

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