Don't Let Your Profits Get Lost in the Field

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Mon, May 21, 2012

workforce management tipsSales are a great thing to have for your field service business. Customers are paying, invoices are coming in, and the revenue numbers are good. But sales can be nothing if profits are not where they should be.

Field service companies must generate an adequate amount of profit in order to keep the business moving in the right direction. This means that tight controls must be applied to expenses and the business processes must operate at peak efficiency.

This can be easier said than done with many small businesses. As an example we can take a look at a small plumbing company:

The customer service representative (CSR) receives customer calls and passes them to the dispatcher. The dispatcher then assigns the calls to various technicians in the field.

Then we wait.

What is happening? Do we know if the technicians made it to the customers on time? Have they called in? Is the job taking longer than expected? Was the job written up correctly at the work site so that billing will charge correctly?

Work is piling up. Should we call in some contractors? What about the additional expenses associated with contractors?

As the business owner, this can be a nail-biting experience. Every minute that he does not know where his technicians are or what they are doing are costs going up while sales are staying the same. That means diminished profits.

The Euclides Technology Mobile Field Service Applications are designed to help a business to better manage their profits while keeping sales moving as well.

Some of the features of the Euclides Tech solution include:

  • Easy location tracking of all mobile field resources through GPS integrated with mapping software

  • Differentiate your employee resources from your contract resources and assign work based on costs and priorities

  • Instantaneously identify what work has been completed and have billing information routed easily for completion

  • Communicate clearly with customers and CSR’s on the status of calls and when to expect the field resource to arrive

  • Know the travel times to work sites and make work order assignments based around the resource location, availability, and skills

  • Immediately know if a job is taking too long to complete and intervene if needed to assist or reassign work that is scheduled elsewhere

The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Applications are designed to help businesses to not only generate sales but to also improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and most of all help your costs and profits to meet your expectations.

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Steve Lawrence, Director of Sales

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