Transforming Dispatchers into Exceptional Managers

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Fri, May 18, 2012

Dispatch SoftwareDispatchers are valuable assets for any field service organization. Dispatchers traditionally will review the work orders that are in the queue and make a variety of decisions based on the customer, the type of work, the priority, and resource availability.

Highly skilled dispatchers need to make the best use of their time in order to provide the best return on investment for the company as well as keep customer satisfaction levels high. One of the best approaches to better performance is transforming those dispatchers into exceptional managers.


With the Euclides Tech field service mobile applications, adding value to your dispatcher by automating virtually all of the routine tasks based on a set of business rules. Through this automation your dispatchers need only review the exceptions that occur throughout the day. You will have greater productivity, fewer errors, and better customer service levels when your skilled and knowledgeable dispatchers can devote time to making sure exceptions are addressed promptly and correctly.

The Euclides Tech solutions optimize a series of business rules and configuration settings:

  • Work order management is utilized through the Euclides system or via an interface to your current ERP, CRM, or work order software

  • Analysis of the work order occurs based on

    • Estimated duration

    • Skill requirements

    • Priority

    • Customer service level agreement (SLA)

  • Resources are automatically assigned using an algorithm of the resource's

    • Capabilities

    • Availability

    • Location

  • Shift of other work assignments can occur automatically if your business desires this feature

  • Cost effective options can also be offered based on several scenarios. For example if a resource is already in the vicinity the cost would be lower to go ahead and route the new assignment to that resource. Also the Euclides system will offer

    • Minimized travel routing to reduce travel expenses

    • Utilize the least costly field resources if available

    • Reduce overtime when possible

  • Consistent adherence to defined service policies are utilized and automatically applied

  • End of day optimization routines review the pending work load and optimize based on

    • Resources that have the capability to perform the work

    • Constraints on travel

    • Date and time commitments

With the highly configurable options based around your specific business rules, the Euclides Tech solutions can help you to reduce errors, consistently apply business policies, and reduce operating costs. But most importantly the Euclides Tech solutions will help you to leverage one of your most valuable resources – by transforming those resources into exception managers.

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