Workforce Management Tips: Eliminating Paper

Posted by Jo Erickson

Mon, May 14, 2012

workforce managementThere are several expenses associated with using paper in your business. The most basic of operations have hidden savings if paper is eliminated. There are efficiency gains, easier information access, and better business compliance - along with reducing paper costs in general.

If your business has remote field personnel there are distinct benefits to eliminating paper from your workforce. From work order generation, scheduling and dispatch, to work management and reference documentation – paperless, optimized solutions can help you increase efficiency and quality while improving customer satisfaction. The Euclides Tech Field Service Mobile Applications can bring you paperless systems with true benefits to you and your customers.

Some of those benefits include:

  • No need to print work order packages - time spent printing plus paper costs are virtually eliminated with a paperless solution

  • No more white boards - lost productivity and error rates will drop almost completely

  • Dispatchers and schedulers become exception managers - automated scheduling optimizes field personnel productivity. Dispatchers can only address exception issues, which improves quality levels and efficiency capabilities

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - the Euclides Tech solutions can tie into existing business CRM systems or provide an internal CRM solution for your business

The Euclides Tech Field Service Mobile Application solution is a work order ticketing system, optimized service scheduling and routing including real-time wireless mobility.
The features included are:

  • Easy entry of work into the system

  • Dispatcher interface allows quick review and assignment with exception overrides

  • Automatic assignments - highly configurable system that allows predetermined field technicians work assignments

  • Skills management - based on skill level settings for each technician the assignments can be ordered to specific technicians based on availability, distance, or other parameters

  • Override options - if needed the dispatcher can change an assignment and direct the work to alternate field personnel

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) - based on commitments to customer service the system can assign work orders around the amount of time for the job, the distance to travel, and customer or work priority

  • Prioritization - allow the system to automatically determine work priorities or allow dispatcher overrides. For example a gas leak would take higher priority over a preventative maintenance assignment

  • Optimization - by configuring your business rules into the system, the Euclides Tech solution will assign what work needs to get done, when it should be done, who should be assigned and the time frame available

  • Availability - know what field personnel have signed in, what jobs are being worked, travel routing and directions, and easy communication from field technician to dispatcher and back

  • Alerts - notify dispatchers and managers if field tech has not reported or if job has exceeded time allocation

  • Management - robust reporting capabilities let managers know miles driven, daily revenue, percentage utilization of technicians and more

The Euclides Tech Field Service Mobile Application gives your business the benefits of eliminating paper from your workforce while improving your business operations significantly.

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