Benefits of Field Service Mobile Applications

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Tue, May 08, 2012

Benefits of Field Service Mobile ApplicationsField service mobile applications have become a necessary part of many businesses. From cable services to manufacturing to home services mobile communications help businesses to run smoother, improve accuracy and reduce expenses.

There are ten key benefits to field service applications using mobile devices:

  1. Connectivity - businesses can track field personnel and know their locations throughout the business day

  2. Communications - notifications, routing, special instructions and other information can be exchanged between the main office and field personnel at any time

  3. Convenience - there is minimal disruption to field work which allows increased productivity and fewer breaks to check in at the office

  4. Correct records - whether reporting hours worked or itemizing an invoice, there is improved accuracy over handwritten work orders and instant reconciliation and updates with main office systems

  5. Coverage - with improved mobile communications technology, even the most remote field operations can update information as long as there is a cellular signal available

  6. Confidence - the security available with mobile applications in particular must make sure that your business information is safely recorded and encrypted so that only authorized personnel can access your information

  7. Costs - the expenses for mobile devices have reduced dramatically, and through the use of standardized tablets or smart phones the costs can be extremely reasonable

  8. Complexity - the field service mobile software is much easier to use and require minimal training in order to get your personnel operational in a short period of time

  9. Centralized - your dispatch and main office is able to redirect and manage field requests and assignments with virtually instantaneous communications

  10. Cultivate and grow - field service mobile systems are scalable and can grow as your business grows.

Above all, your customer satisfaction will improve through the use of mobile software and devices in the field because information of all types is in the palm of your technicians hands.. Customers will have answers such as:

  • Service history queries

  • Service contract entitlements

  • Provide accurate on site estimates

  • Schedule a follow-up service call

  • Upsell opportunities

  • Inventory and parts availability

  • Instant confirmation and approvals

  • Email or text notifications

It is important to work with a knowledgeable provider that can recommend the right configuration for your particular field service needs. You provider should have substantial experience and have solutions that can be adapted to your unique and specific business requirements. The solutions should be durable and easily utilized in order to get the most return on investment for your company.

Businesses need solutions that will not only improve customer service but also help productivity while reducing costs. Field service mobile application solutions are readily available to solve your business challenges and help your customer satisfaction in the process.

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