Manual vs Automatic, Where is Your Service Work Order Software?

Posted by Carla Hunt

Thu, Apr 05, 2012

Written by: Steve Lawrence, Director of Sales,

Today, Field Service Automation solutions have extended the capabilities to include Service Work Order Software. Many small and medium sized companies do not have a system in place to enter service orders electronically. Instead, hand written and manaul processes exist!

So, I ask you again, Manual vs Automatic, Where is your Service Work Order Software?

Wouldn't it be cost effective to have an automatic system? Companies of all sizes with a field service organization have a tough enough job from beginning to end, why not make it easier for them by automating the process. The customer wants prompt service and the job completed fast! The service order life cycle needs to follow a consistent business process or your service delivery is challenged and service quality and promptness is in jeapordy.

In order to make your call-takers job much easier and align with best practices, you need a system to electronically enter and store the customer service request. This can be an independent Service Work Order Software solution (CRM, Work Ticket System, ERP, etc.) or maybe you have or are planning to implement a Field Automation Solution that includes CRM functionality and workforce scheduling and mobility. 

If you don’t have a service work order software system or a field service automation solution, consider an integrated field service system complete with order entry, service scheduling and mobility for your field workers.  Your entire service process is best-enabled to deliver high-quality and prompt service your customers deserve.  

I hear ClickExpress provides such a solution. Email me at steve@euclidestech and I'll tell you how.


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