5 Tips For Selecting The Right Dispatch Scheduling Software

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Wed, Jul 01, 2015

Scheduling service personnel and other field management resources with efficiency requires utilizing the latest technology. With the right dispatch scheduling software, field service managers and asset-intensive organizations are able to conduct operations in a way that improves productivity and customer service, also allowing you to meet your key performance indicators.



However, many organizations are at a loss when outlining the criteria they’ll need in their dispatch scheduling software. With such a variety of options on the market today, it can be difficult to know which software will best conform to your specific business requirements and offer you maximum returns on your investment.

These five tips can help you ascertain which software capabilities will have the most positive influence on your operation, and help determine which custom solutions field service managers should look for when considering dispatch scheduling software.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

It will be of little use if your software isn’t able to integrate the data from your current IT infrastructure. Dispatch scheduling software should be able to seamlessly (and immediately) function with your various mission-critical tasks such as billing, CRM, and other resource management systems. Proper integration helps to permit a full range of automation and improves performance by being able to leverage historical job data.   

Comprehensive Mobility

According to a recent Cisco Survey, only 11 percent of end users access business applications from the corporate office 100 percent of the time. Naturally, that trend is projected to steadily increase as more employees demand mobile solutions that preclude traditional brick and mortar offices. Therefore, your dispatch scheduling software must be accessible through cloud-based solutions designed to fulfill that need.

Incorporating MDM solutions, the software should provide accessibility to team members and managers alike, according to the data security protocols already deployed throughout your organization. Comprehensive mobility designs, like those included in ClickSoftware, offer reliable real-time user updates and customer progress notifications that enhance productivity and service performance.

Optimized Routing

Effective scheduling involves more than simply planning daily dispatches according to location. For true optimization, look for software that accounts for time-of-day traffic patterns and includes realistic street-level travel segments that limit delays.

Self-Appointment Booking

Options that allow customer-based scheduling over the internet (or a mobile device) for certain types of service appointments can improve your CRM performance. Look for dispatch scheduling software that permits bookings and alterations, and that includes customization features that allow your organization to incorporate upsell suggestions, off-hour incentives, and performance surveys. Customers who feel that they can become part of the process often exhibit greater loyalty and less churn rates.

Intuitive Dashboards

This is often the most overlooked aspect of choosing any type of software. Asset-intensive organizations rarely have the time to spend for lengthy, complicated training of all personnel. Your dispatch scheduling software should feature intuitive usage so that anyone can easily interact and understand the various features.

By spending a little extra time to ensure that your scheduling software meets the requirements listed above, you can rest easy knowing that your company will reduce contact center overhead and customer no-shows, while achieving advanced productivity and customer service capabilities. Find out more details about how to improve your performance by downloading our White Paper, Scheduling Optimization in Your Asset-Intensive Service Organization" today.     

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