5 Signs You Should Invest In Scheduling Optimization

Posted by Gilesa Thomas

Thu, Jun 04, 2015

Managing a workforce can be tough, especially when attempting to organize a significant amount of technicians. It can become hectic and down right stressful. Simply adding a scheduling system could solve a majority of your problems. If you find that your company is experiencing any of the following, it may be time to invest in optimized scheduling.


  1.        A good portion of your company income is being invested in fixing prior mistakes/or unexpected events.

It starts with scheduling. The best way to save money spent on fixing mistakes is by preventing them. Having an effective scheduling optimization system lets you utilize your field workers properly which eliminates reckless mistakes. In addition, it improves the process of dealing with unexpected events. Having the best people suited for the job on the job, adds wiggle room for when an obstacle occurs. You will be able to handle any problem that comes up with ease.

  1.        Your customer service line is always occupied, making it hard for customers to communicate their needs.

Customers calling about issues regarding the technical service and not the actual product are major signs of scheduling issues. Constant complaints about no-shows, unpreparedness, and confusion may not solely be the worker-on-call’s fault. This may be a result of not having a technician scheduling system in place. Scheduling will relieve the stress on the customers and the technicians. Having a scheduling system will keep field workers organized and it will alert when they are falling behind. This will allow you to quickly adapt to the changes and figure out a new game plan.

  1.        Time of arrivals are indefinite and “no-shows” are a high probability.

This goes hand and hand with the previous sign. One of the worst feelings ever is waiting for someone to arrive between an interval of time that is hours apart. It is even more unpleasant when they do not show up at all and the day is gone. The confusion and cost of an unhappy customer could easily be prevented with a scheduling system in place. The solution will allow for more accurate and precise estimated time of arrival, and increase the volume of work orders completed.

  1.        You have no idea where your technicians are.

Knowing where your technicians are when on the job will do more good than harm. Besides ensuring productivity, it will allow you to take note of any delays and accommodate for that. With the right scheduling system you will be able to locate where your technicians are on a map like interface and plan the most efficient route for them every time. Being able to track your technicians will also eliminate the difficulty in finding who is closest to a work order, especially if it’s an emergency.

  1.        Communication between technicians is difficult.

Communication is key for productivity and your technicians need it. They need to communicate with each other on the job. Optimized scheduling allows quick responses for quick questions. Let’s say Matthew needs a certain part to complete the job. Unbeknownst to Matthew, Brian has the part he needs and he is only four blocks away. With a mobile application in the field that allows Matthew to check in with Brian regarding this part and his location could streamlines your service organization business even further.

If any of these signs have shown up in your company, it may be time you look at a solution. With the right scheduling system in place, your company can increase productivity and decrease confusion.  


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