3 Strategies for Field Service Mobility Success

Posted by Tinsa Harding

Fri, Jun 05, 2015

It's critical to have the best quality field service management system in place for your organization. Without it, the risks of unsupervised, unmanaged, and untracked performance could seriously damage your business and reputation with customers.Right now is the time to start looking into reliable strategies and cutting edge technology that can boost your service industry to maximize your organization’s opportunities for optimal revenue generation.

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 Here are 3 steps you can take towards optimizing the productivity of your field service organization:

  1. Use a mobility solution that expands your communication platform.

State-of-the-art field service mobility solutions resolve many barriers in communication and communication systems. The leading mobility solutions include apps that can run on a variety of platforms, such as android, iOS, and Windows. Technicians and dispatchers should note that they need mobile scheduling apps that include both the front end and back end to manage various business processes that are occurring throughout the day for optimized productivity.  Euclides Technologies offers as brief video of ClickSoftware’s mobility solution that field service technicians can use to communicate with dispatchers while out in the field.

  1. You deserve customized and accessible information and dashboards.

Customized reporting and dashboards should be available to gain insight into your company’s capacity, utilization, customer information, and field service management metrics. Quality field service management systems should function on a stand-alone, centralized platform that provides full visibility to reporting and analytics. One important feature that should be included in your system for optimal service is high-speed KPI tracking.

  1. Simplify your work with clear and simple visual schedules

It’s easy to get lost in all of the information and details that need to be remembered. Quality service software has a variety of features that enable dispatchers to use an auto-routing system that finds the best route for technician to get to their assignments. Visual dispatch features like drag-and-drop options should also be available for dispatchers to assign tasks to technicians according to their location, availability, specific skills, and experience. The drag-and-drop feature is also good for allowing dispatchers to make adjustments when needed, and in sending out automated alerts to technicians and dispatchers when updates have been made to the system.

As technology advances, it is important for field service organizations to be aware of the latest software and computer system features that would benefit their business the most. While all of the above features could simply be completed by manual means or without the app, they are truly a means to speed up and improve a field service organization’s workflow and productivity. Moreover, with the exponential speed of technological advancement, many of these elements will soon become expected features in most field service and mobility management solutions.


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